How to Hold a Musky (and other info)

Saturday, August 06, 2005

Musky fishing Wisconsin - Lac Courte Orielles

This will be a series of posts that discuss different musky fishing lakes throughout Wisconsin.

Lac Courte Orielles, or "Couderay" as it's known to the locals, is a rather large lake covering 5.039 acres in Sawyer County. The depth is at approximately 90 feet.

Fishing on this lake can be tough, but according to the DNR, about 5% of the fish on this lake have the potential for being 50 inchers. To be succesful on this lake, esox hunters need to try different techniques such as mid depth and deep water tactics.

Although musky fishing is tough on "Couderay" given the 50 inch size limit, biologists are optimistic about the lakes future. Sometimes musky fishing gets tough, and that can happen on any lake on any day. The future looks very bright for this northern Wisconsin lake.


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