How to Hold a Musky (and other info)

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Muskie Fishing Enjoyment Enhanced

Here's an article from Muskies 411 that talks about adding enjoyment to your next muskie fishing outing.

Support/Promote Replicas

A graphite reproduction is more durable, will last longer than a skin mount, and is still very appealing to the eye. Measure the length and girth (while the fish is in livewell or net, and remember to keep the fishes head in the water). Take a couple good quality pictures and note any battle wounds or distinguishing markings. The more information you have, the better the replica will be. Check local fishing regulations. If you are unsure, you should always check regulations on open seasons and size limits for the lakes you are fishing. Not knowing the laws on a particular body of water will not get you out of a ticket. It is illegal to target fish during their closed seasons.

Turn In Poachers

If you see someone doing something illegal on the water, you should turn them in. Know where to draw the line on "getting involved". There are some people who just didn't take the time to read up on the specific laws on a particular body of water. If you decide to politely motor up and explain that what they're doing is illegal, and you find that your information is not welcomed, then leave. Write down their boat registration number and call the local DNR office. Use common sense if you do approach another boat.

Support higher minimum size limits

A small misconception with having higher size limits is that you cannot chart an undersized (not legal on that lake) muskie. The legal minimum size limit is intended for the harvesting (keeping) of muskie - not charting. A higher size limit will help ensure these fish grow to their full potential. Every lake is different, so try to get the minimum size limits you think will help each individual body of water. Get involved - be vocal, attend the Conservation Hearings in your area.

Tournaments and Contests

Do not promote or enter tournaments/contests that have a kept division. A picture and witness should be sufficient. Many of the professional tournaments today are run very well without a kept division. Today, more tournament promoters are doing a better job on handling/managing the fish that are caught. The cell phone and marine band radio have aided in successful release tournaments.

Take a kid fishing

Teach kids to respect the water and the fish in it. Children that learn this kind of respect will grow up to appreciate it later. Teach them the information on this website so that their children can enjoy muskie fishing as much as we do.

Join a Muskie Club

Muskie clubs are a great place to meet other anglers that enjoy this sport as much as you do. Being a member of a local club can help keep you up to date on the "goings on" in your area. Most muskie clubs send out a monthly newsletter. The meetings can be a wealth of information as well, they have great speakers, and gives you the chance to compare notes with fellow muskie hunters. Also, much of the money received by these clubs is used to improve lakes in their surrounding areas, i.e. stocking programs.


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