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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Muskie Town DVD

Steve Jonesi
Published December 28, 2005

The boys are back!

Muskie Town by Badfish Outdoors
I had the opportunity to view a demo copy of the new Badfish Outdoors film, "Muskie Town" the other night and thought I'd throw out some thoughts. This production, their third venture into the Muskie realm, is different from the others in that there is more behind the scenes footage, which gives the viewer a real peek at the muskie world and some of those individuals who fish muskies. In line with the first two films, there's a lot of muskie action and some tips that will help the viewer put more fish in the boat, whatever lake you fish.

This IS NOT an instructional-type video, although there is much to be learned just by watching these guys in action. I really liked hearing the thoughts of some of the best sticks out there, some of who are on the water every day--guys who I respect for what they do as well as how they do it.

From trolling (power and row) to casting, this video has something for everyone. It's good to know that I'm not the only one who has a bait addiction. The scenes with Chad Cain in his garage were awesome--a lot of baits, and some really good info to boot. Trolling with Tony Grant and Gregg Thomas on the Cave in May gives some good insight into locations as well as presentations. Gregg slightly modifies the rear hook on his cranks that is pretty cool and effective.

The Badfish crew has some real good stuff from Wisconsin, including a muskie in the upper 40s trying to eat a planer board. I could hear the "Jaws" music in my head as I watched. Check out Mark's little modification on his Depthraiders. Very easy to do. Brad Hoppe from west central Minnesota has a low 50s or so come completely out of the water (horizontal) at boat side as it shakes the Double Cowgirl. Brads reaction is priceless, kind of the polar opposite of Gregg after a 50+ nips his Dawg on Mille Lacs. And don't miss the "orange" guy getting swarmed by bugs while releasing a fish at night.

This is the best Badfish production yet. A different format than the others, but it still captures the essence of muskie fishing. Muskies and humor seem to go hand-in-hand at times, and these guys have it on film. We've all been there.


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