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Thursday, January 12, 2006

Muskie Movie

Ten Thousand Casts, The Movie
Muskie First
Published January 11, 2006

Ten Thousand Casts, The Movie

When MuskieFIRST received the DVD from the folks at, I expected just another Muskie video; this one featuring the Muskies of Cave Run in Morehead, KY. I was pleasantly surprised!

The movie is filmed in documentary style, featuring interviews with local historical figures, anglers, guides, and Pros bracketed by an entertaining and interesting narrative. Ten Thousand Casts begins with a history of the area and the early development of Cave Run Reservoir and building of the dam required creating the system. Photographs from the distant past and present, interviews, and film clips of Cave Run describe how the system was created and then managed for Muskies to present day. Cave Run is a destination for thousands of anglers every year, and 10,000 Casts does a great job of describing exactly why

Muskies of the past and present are discussed in interviews with local guides, anglers, tackle shop folks and historical figures including on the water film clips and discussions with Guides and anglers visiting the area.

Tony Grant’s State record fish is discussed, and an excellent interview with Tony is featured.

If you are looking for an action packed Muskie catching video, Ten Thousand Casts isn’t what you want. Ten Thousand Casts is a celebration of the Cave Run system and the Southern Muskie fishing opportunities Cave Run features while offering up the history and lore of the fishery and the beauty and draw of Cave Run for Muskie anglers across the country.

This DVD is a must have for any Muskie angler. Pop a bucket of Pop Corn, load Ten Thousand Casts, The Movie into the DVD player, and get ready for an enjoyable and entertaining 80 minutes.

The Characters and the Website Link:
Tony Grant, David Christian, Dr. Jack Ellis, Dr. Geoff Gearner, Marv Eisenbraun, John Hennen, Scott Salchl

To order the DVD:

DVD Features:
Upclose Muskie Fishing
Indepth Interviews
Historical Overview
Secrets of the Muskie


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