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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Spray's Muskie Validated

Maybe finally they can put this thing to rest!

We recently reported on a group known as the World Record Muskie Alliance (NRMA) who presented a report to the National Fresh Water Fishing Hall of Fame (NFWFHF) who alleged that Louie Spray's 1949 record muskie had been falsified in size and should be expunged from he record books. After careful and objective review of every aspect of the report during the past three months, the NFWFHF has ruled that the report lacks sufficient merit to overturn the Spray record.

The WRMA report claimed that Spray's 1949 record muskie officially weighed and measured in at 53.6 inches long (plus or minus 1.5 inches.) Therefore it couldn't have weighed anywhere near its reported 69 pound 11 ounce weight. The NRMA accused not only Spray, but also his fishing partners who witnessed the catching, measuring and weighing of the fish (George Quentmeyer and Ted Hag), the other two men who both swore that they had weighed and /or measured the fish, the Postmaster, and the taxidermist who mounted the fish, of all being co-conspirators in an elaborate fraud to back up a false angling claim.
Both the Hall and the Alliance used modern technology provided by experts to verify their claims.

Spray's fish burned in an insurance office in Rice Lake. We too will conclude that the Chippewa Flowage out of Hayward has produced the world record musky as thoroughly documented and that had the fish not burned, we wouldn't have all this to write about.


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