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Friday, March 24, 2006

Midnight Muskies

By Capt Marty Papke

If excitement is your nature and you enjoy musky fishing try something different in which a strong heart and nerves of steel are required. Check out musky fishing after dark. Fish splashing commotion is the norm and battles with the big one can only be a cast away.

Fish of 10,000 casts is the theory we hear when talking with the musky crowd. This myth can be shortened if applying a few easy to learn methods. Night fishing is one of them. Musky areas abound throughout the United States and these same tactics can be used with success anywhere. What night fishing for muskies will do for you is eliminate several things and also improve your fishing success. One will be boating traffic and the other will be a good number of fisherman. Boating traffic throughout any region can create some problems when it comes to fishing. If your fortunate and have many good musky lakes to choose from as I do you can be mobile and find lesser travelled lakes. This same policy goes for large numbers of fisherman. Listen and learn of several night fishing tips to increase your musky catching odds. On the other hand some of the biggest fish in the lake or lakes you fish will only come out and feed after dark.


Before fishing a lake at night it's important to know the body of water you are fishing. Daytime fishing is one thing but after dark many of the things that are so noticeable soon are not seen. Picking out land features will help a lot. A shoreline with several yard lights that stay on all night can be a navigational aid. A tree that tops over other trees. Watching and understanding better how your locators work is very important in night fishing.


Day in and day out a crank bait is a choice of mine that will produce more muskies after dark than any other bait. Remember again many of the biggest fish in a system never come out to feed until after dark. The odds are in your favor for catching a trophy at this time.

The Frenzy Deep Diver is gaining a lot of respect for this fishing guide as a bait for night fish. Pick colors that will enhance your night approach. Fire Tiger, Perch, Blue and Shad are four colors I'd start out with. Remembering too that dark colors will give off a larger silhouette after dark.

Locational areas in fishing night muskies should be many of the same areas you fish during the daylight hours. Top picks would be over weed tops, weed edges, rock humps and rocky shorelines. Steady, slow retrieves work best as bigger fish generally will strike a slow moving bait much more readily than a speedy one. The design of the Deep Diver enables you to work over weeds and yet get down several feet to cover deeper areas.


Berkley's series of IM-7 rods Select Edition is one that is hard to beat. Length and I would go with the 6'-4" or 7 foot models. Length means longer casts, better hook setting ability and more desirable figure "8" of which muskies are notorious followers to the boat. Line it out with XL or Big Game 20-30 pound test or try the "new" Super Line's like the Fire Line with it's non-stretch characteristics for the ultimate in hook setting results. Choose a quality bait casting reel with all the features and making sure it has a good drag system. A wire leader is a must when fishing these "toothy" critters. Pick a leader with a durable snap system and swivel set up. Berkley again surpasses the list in quality components for the musky fisherman.


Fishing after dark requires a clean well kept boat. Everything that is not needed should be carefully put away. A lighting system is great when for rigging and unhooking fish. A lamp that fixes to your fishing cap is also handy. Knowing exactly where everything is will make a fun night of musky fishing. Always keep your transom light on throughout the nights fishing because it's the LAW! Keeping an eye out for other boaters is also important and moving from spot to spot at a slower speed is much suggested.


Without any question fishing muskies after dark will result in some very good catches. This type of fishing can be rewarding and another method of musky hunting that you can use when you want to be the fisherman that wants to do something different.

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