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Sunday, April 02, 2006

Outdoors: Huskie Muskie banquet highlights best of 2005

The 45th annual Ohio Huskie Muskie Clubs Awards banquet was held in Zanesville at the Holiday Inn on March 18. Awards were given to members for their outstanding catches and achievements for 2005.

All members who are current paid members will get their recognition through trophies, plaques, jackets and annual certificates for outstanding catches and achievements. Anglers who catch and register their muskellunge catches during the year of season by sending scale samples into the Ohio Department of Natural Resources Division of Wildlife will receive their certificates and all awards at the next annual March banquet.

Those not attending the banquet will receive theirs by mail. Those anglers who catch their first Huskie Muskie will receive a free banquet dinner for that achievement. The annual dues are $12 for individual or $20 for a family membership a year. Family membership is considered husband and wife and all children 16 years of age and under. Once a child reaches the age of 17, he or she must change to an individual membership. Dues are usually paid each year by March banquet date.

The Ohio Huskie Muskie Club is a non-profit sport fishing club dedicated to promoting better Muskie fishing in the state of Ohio, by providing the Division of Wildlife with biological information on catch and harvest throughout the state and by educating and promoting anglers on Muskie fishing throughout the state.

When the catch of muskellunge from Ohio waters began to increase, interest among fishermen grew and the Ohio Division of Wildlife needed to obtain information on the muskellunge catch and harvest. In 1961, Merrille C. Gilfillan formed the Ohio Huskie Muskie Club to officially record all muskies caught each year. The club has proven to be an excellent vehicle for obtaining information that is valuable in evaluating fish management activities and planning for the future.

Some of the awards given at the March banquet were as follows:

Mr. Muskie: Given to the male who does the most to support the Ohio Huskie Muskie Club and promote the sport of muskie fishing in Ohio. Award given was a State of Ohio plaque and O.H.M.C. jacket to club president Don Weaver.

Woman of the Year: Same criteria, same awards, to ODNR employee Bonnie Emmitt.

H.E. Curry Award: Given to the largest muskie either kept or released in Ohio as determined by the length of the fish only and whether caught by a male or female irrespective of age of the angler. Award given was a State of Ohio plaque to Richard Reeves with a muskie of 523/4 inches in length and released at Leesville Lake.

King Trophy: Given to the largest kept muskie caught by a male of 17 years of age or older as determined by the point system, length plus weight, award given O.H.M.C. jacket to Edsel Ballengee, with a 501/2-inch, 36-pound fish caught at Salt Fork Lake.

Boys Trophy: Given to the largest muskie caught by a male 16 years of age or less as determined by point system, award given to Cory Strempek for a 42-inch, 20-pound muskie caught on the Tuscarawas River. Fish was kept.

Boys Release Trophy: Given to the largest muskie caught by a male of no more than 16 years of age, award given to Trevin Domro, a 44-inch muskie caught at Leesville Lake.

Girls Release Trophy: Same criteria, award given to Mackenzie Guy, with a 421/2-inch muskie caught at Leesville Lake.

Overall tournament champion: Lee (Rusty) Hudecek of Ravenna, who caught three muskies with a total 1091/2 inches in the four club tournaments.

For more information about the Ohio Huskie Muskie Club, contact Don Weaver, O.H.M.C. president at (740) 269-2122.

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