How to Hold a Musky (and other info)

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Muskies on the Back Cast

Pete Maina

As a long-time guide, I fished from the back of the boat to give my clients first water … I still fish in the back. A disadvantage to an extent with real active fish, but something I learned while fishing from the back of the boat, is still very effective today … and something I think few people do. It’s especially effective with twitched crank baits.

It’s simply casting back behind the boat – in the path of the boat – with varying angles at times. It works … and people get in the rut (me included to this day) of just casting straight ahead only.

My theories on why it works: often fish follow lures – some seen and some not – and they’re still roaming behind the boat. Here comes a presentation at a different angle in a different depth. Also, at times I believe it presents a better view or angle for a fish that is hanging a little deeper … that may have had its interest piqued by a lure buzzing overhead – but one that didn’t offer the fish a high-percentage attack angle/distance. Best times to try it are after a follow, or any time there is a distinct structural oddity that may hold fish: a small rock or weed finger, a thick patch of weeds or a stump/s. Try it.


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