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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Catch and Release

"Catch and Release" is the way to go. Learn it ... live it ... love it.


Sport angling for musky with the intent of releasing the fish unharmed back into the environment

Catch and release fishing for musky has become the trend of the sport over the last twenty years. This helps to ensure a healthy growing population of the species and increases the size of the fish in general. Much has been written regarding catch and release techniques. It is essential that you have the neccessary release tools on board and know how and when to use them. Some jurasdictions do not allow the use of certain release tools (such as the gaff). These tools and techniques are not only used to minimize damage to the fish while handing, but also to keep the angler safe. Even more important than the tools themselves is that the angler must possess the knowledge of how and when to pick up and hold the fish safely, making every effort not to wipe off any of the protective slime covering the fish. Dont keep the fish out of water longer than you can hold your breath. Get the photo quickly and ease the fish back into the water. Revival techniques should also be learned. The best teacher for this area of musky angling is experience. A hook in the hand will definitely make you learn all about it quickly.

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