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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Musky Challenge (Southeast Wisconsin)

Pewaukee Lake vs Okauchee Lake

With lots of hype already starting and ice fishing for game fish now over I was thinking about getting a Pewaukee Lake vs Okauchee Lake Opening weekend fun going. Total number of Muskie Inc points wins. This will make it equal in the large fish vs numbers issue. We will figure out something to make it an equal compitition between the lakes.

Smokey's Muskie Shop will hold it's anual Friday night party for everyone who would like to stop down and get the scoop on the lakes. There is rumors of a special treat that will happen. Food related. Stop down for some food, drinks and fun.

With Steve Worrall coming down and Slamr coming up to fish the opener I am sure we can make this a huge event. What are the actual odds of Steve being here to fish?

Battle of the lakes is started and we shall see what lake will come out as "Top Dog".

Well it's on!!!

Sign up on this tread. Post you name and lake. I will edit this post with the names. Please post partners name also.

Pewaukee Lake

Mike Koepp aka "Extreme One"
Bryan Sheaffer aka "B.Shaeffer"
Jason Smith
Bruce Fraser aka "Netman"
Mark Sankey aka "Sanks"
Tip Shepard aka "Shep"
Dave Jackley aka "davej"
John Arrigoni
Mike Phelps aka "ESfishOX"
Gary Wieliczka aka "Musky54"
Dennis Radloff
Craig Gierzak aka"Muskie24"
Bob Lehman
eric lazenby aka "esoxlazer"
Jim Dembiec aka "jdsplasher"
Lynn Dembiec
Gene Daul aka "Lunkerhunter"
Shawn aka "Mr BBQ"
Scott Allen aka "Magruter"
Matt Schroeder aka "Shredder"
Scott Dembiec aka " esoxsmd"
Rob Kurtz

Okauchee Lake

Joel Michel aka "Tuffy1"
Andrew Golden aka "Slamr"
Nikki aka "Slamr's boss"
Kevin Dunn aka "muskyhopefull"
Kevin Moore aka "mskygyd"
Joe Junion aka "Jomusky"
Mike aka "Eox2heart"
Ben Kueng aka "Ben Kueng"
Adam Cooper aka "COOPER"
John Johannes aka "JJ"
Mike Warren aka "Muskies vs Mike"
Matt Wendell "The Dude"
Bret Johnson
Scott Gustin
Greg Martin aka"greg m"


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