How to Hold a Musky (and other info)

Monday, May 08, 2006

Master Depth Control for Muskies

One extremely important aspect of muskie fishing is depth control. It is often very important to get right in the predator’s face to score. Being right at or actually contacting structure with presentations is important. Knowing which lures to choose to correctly fish a zone is key for casting and trolling.

For trolling it’s even more of a key … likely the biggest part of the whole system. You need to know where your lures are running now. And you have to be able to reproduce that running depth again with the same lure - and other lures. Very often, a key depth zone is found and those that can put their baits there consistently catch more muskies. Get to know all of your baits and their running depths with X amount of line out. Then, have a way to reproduce the same amount of line once a pattern is noted. Be it a line counter reel or counting revolutions on a spool, some system for maintaining the same running depth is extremely important


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